With Pyeongchang set to be in single Fahrenheit figures during the 2018 Winter Olympics, the pressure is on for all those involved to ensure the safety of competing athletes. Factors to consider in these colder temperatures include: Hypothermia Frostbite Respiratory problems How can physiotherapists prepare athletes for these colder conditions and therefore prevent the above? …

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ViMove – Revolutionary, Wearable Sensor Technology

ViMove – our revolutionary, wearable sensor technology – providing expert movement analysis to improve the accuracy of our guidance! To demonstrate how our ViMove system works, here’s a case report of our physiotherapist, Natalie, for her current lower back pain, worsened by her playing volleyball (see photos attached): The findings show Natalie is adopting a …

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Running Pains?

Look No Further Than Bournemouth Physiotherapy Clinics & SportTape

So, when you start looking for solutions to injury prevention and recovery first and foremost you need to ensure you find the most dedicated, reliable and professional services. This is where Bournemouth Physiotherapy Clinics are head and shoulders above the rest with dedicated and professional physiotherapists ready to get you back to your running best.

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