Neurological & Elderly Rehabilitation

elderly rehabilitation

BPC Healthcare  provides specialist neurological and elderly intermediate rehabilitation at various sites across the South Coast. These include ‘The Multiple Sclerosis Centre’, residential care homes, home visits and clinic assessments.

Utilising the Bobath approach, thorough assessment and treatment is provided to each individual. The physiotherapists provide tailored exercise programmes to meet their needs, run exercise classes on a weekly basis at ‘The Multiple Sclerosis Centre’ and in residential homes.

We also prepare and deliver information talks every 8 weeks on surrounding topics. We also run seminars and workshops for the Poole Transverse Myleitis Group on a quarterly basis.

Our physiotherapist rehabilitate various neurological conditions in the community such as Transverse mylelitis, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis and many other neuro-muscular problems.

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