Running – The dos and don’ts!

Whether the running bug has only just caught you or you’re a veteran at it, make sure to follow these dos and don’ts to keep you in the best shape and at your optimal performance!


  1. DO start slow
    – warming up is vital before any physical activity. Even if you have a target that you’re keen to reach, allow your body time to warm up. It will better prepare you physically and mentally for each run and will optimise the run itself.
    – include stretches in your warm up as well as a slower starting pace
    – as an indication for setting the pace for your warm up, you should be able to hold a conversation throughout your warm up.
  2. DO mix it up
    – adding variety to your running routes can keep your attention sharpened and prevent tedium during your training, therefore making you more likely to stick at it!
  3. DO eat, run, REST, repeat
    – make sure you rest! Over training can set you back and puts you at risk of injury and burning out. 150 minutes of moderate, aerobic activity (ie. running) per week is advised for the 19-64 year old population. That equates to roughly 3-5 days a week, plenty of time for rest!
  4. DON’T eat a large meal before a run
    – it’s important for your body to be properly fuelled prior to a run. However, a full meal should be eaten no later than 2 hours prior to the start of your run. This is so the body has time to digest properly so it doesn’t slow you down or cause cramps, thus making your run more of a comfortable experience. A high-carb snack is then optimal up to 20 minutes before your run for an extra boost, but nothing bigger than a piece of fruit or a flapjack!
  5. DON’T slack on your training attire!
    – make sure you wear comfortable clothing. Whether this be loose fitting or aerodynamic, whatever works for you and gives you a more comfortable run will improve your overall performance.
    – check your shoes! Shoes specifically designed to provide the support that you, personally, need is vital. Everyone’s feet are different – different shapes, sizes, positions, so is it ok to buy a one for all shoe? Make sure you are fully informed of your running needs and of the shoe you choose to run in before setting out on that off beaten track!


If you have any questions or queries about getting into a running regime, whether casual or competitive, do not hesitate to book in for an appointment with one of our physiotherapists at BPC!

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