Running Pains?

Look No Further Than Bournemouth Physiotherapy Clinics & SportTape

So, when you start looking for solutions to injury prevention and recovery first and foremost you need to ensure you find the most dedicated, reliable and professional services. This is where Bournemouth Physiotherapy Clinics are head and shoulders above the rest with dedicated and professional physiotherapists ready to get you back to your running best.

We choose to work with experienced physios and tape suppliers when we are at running events, so we are super excited to be using SportTape at The New Forest Marathon on 10th September this year. Now you’re probably reading this and thinking why is the relevant!

Let me take you back to the title of this blog…Running Pains?

We would like to extend our services to more than just post-race massage, we are offering for the first time K taping to all participants of the New Forest Marathon, half marathon, 10K Race, and 5k race. This will take place pre-race and will focus on ITB, Knee, and Achilles taping to help alleviate any aches and pains and ensure you have the perfect race. Sport Tape X have been awesome in supplying us with tape for the event.

What is Sport Tape?

Is the kinesiology tape of choice for those who push themselves and their bodies to the limits, Including England Netball, Team Raleigh GAC, England Touch, and GB Ski & Snowboard. 

What are the Benefits?

  • Can help reduce pain & aid performance
  • Provides dynamic support
  • Assists prevention & protection from injury
  • Allows active rehabilitation

How to Book and Cost?

We will start taping from 7.00am at the ‘YourPhysioPlan warm up/ cool down arena’ ready for the races. You will need to book your slot in advance by calling Bournemouth Physiotherapy Clinics on 01202 576731. There is a small charge of £5 for this service which is payable in advance.

We may have some slots available for you to rock up on the day, but this will be charged at £10 per taping, so by booking in advance you are getting an amazing discount!






ITB Injury
  • Requires
  • 1x long I strip
  • 2 x Short I strips

Anchor base at lateral joint line, with 0% stretch on anchor, apply 50% stretch along ITB and anchor at 0% at greater trochanter.

Apply 1 short strip over ITB horizontally above knee joint, and one over mid-thigh.

To anchor ensure 0% stretch at each end and 50% over muscle belly.


What the Professionals Say

rhodri beynon

“SPORTTAPE have helped me out massively over the last couple of months by supporting me and donating tape to help preparation for my major competitions and for the training in the build-up. I use SPORTTAPE to help me recover from competitions and hard training sessions, to prevent me from getting an injury, and I can honestly say it 100% works. I’ll keep on using for the rest of my life”

Cherie Pridham

“A big thank you to SPORTTAPE for supplying us with the best kinesiology tape around to keep the Team Raleigh GAC boys in top condition. Pro Cycling is a tough sport and SPORTTAPE Flex gives our riders the confidence that they can push their bodies when required. The best situation for the team is to have 100% good health, and to never need to apply the tape, but the reality is that SPORTTAPE is an essential product in our team carers arsenal; and even better that is comes in Team Raleigh GAC colours”

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