ViMove – Revolutionary, Wearable Sensor Technology

ViMove – our revolutionary, wearable sensor technology – providing expert movement analysis to improve the accuracy of our guidance!
To demonstrate how our ViMove system works, here’s a case report of our physiotherapist, Natalie, for her current lower back pain, worsened by her playing volleyball (see photos attached):
The findings show Natalie is adopting a more extended lower back position as a result of her pelvis being in a more forward tilted position. This is therefore restricting further lower back extension. In addition, Natalie’s rotation to the left is lesser than to the right. With both extension and left sided rotation, Natalie was getting some pain during testing.
The results become clearer when linking with Natalie’s background and mechanism of injury:
– Natalie is a right handed volleyball, middle position player.
– This requires explosive jumping and quick hitting, all in one movement.
– With regards to her lower back, she has to jump into an extended position while rotating to the right pre-hit and mid air, before coming into flexion and rotating to the left for the follow through.
– Repetitive movements into a position that is more restricted is likely to aggravate that area – as shown by the ViMove results, Natalie is more restricted in extension, a key movement for her sport. So this explains why she is getting pain during and after playing, because she is repeating that explosive, extended position.
– For a strong hit, greater rotation to the right, pre-hit, is required in preparation for the full hitting action – hence her better right than left rotation, as shown by the ViMove results.
With the sensor technology of the ViMove and the clinical expertise of our physiotherapists, accuracy of movement analysis and treatment plans are better tailored for each individual. If you would like a personal and detailed movement analysis assessment for yourself, book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists who can give a thorough explanation of what the findings show and a programme to meet your needs – 01202 576731
*ViMove can be used for all movement patterns, not just those required for sport*
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