YourPhysioPlan Membership is the ultimate Health and Wellbeing accessory. Perfect for those who take their Health seriously!

It provides an easy to join, proactive care plan, allowing you to look after your body. Simple monthly plans to help you maintain the best quality of life for you and your family.

yourphysioplan membership

Easy Access To Private Physiotherapy

YourPhysioPlan membership offers an affordable care plan which allows you to proactively invest in your health and well-being.

Unlike many expensive healthcare plans, YourPhysioPlan covers all pre-existing injuries and conditions.

Simply select your cost effective monthly plan from the range on offer and then book your appointments when needed at any one of the accredited nationwide clinics.

Key Benefits of YourPhysioPlan

From just 60p per day you get access to professional physiotherapy treatment when you need it.

Members also benefit from a wide range of additional benefits:

  • Affordable and predictable pricing for private physiotherapy.
  • No GP referral needed and no long NHS waiting lists.
  • Proactive advice to help stop injuries incurring for all the family.
  • 10% discount off further sessions once allowance is used
  • Exclusive Access to specialist strength and conditioning, and fitness programmes
  • Discounted rates on private MRI scans

Check out the available monthly Plans

YourPhysioPlan allows you to access physiotherapy proactively for treatment, strength conditioning or massage – Be YourBest!

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